Luceris helps real estate professionals collect, route, and catalog critical business documents while managing related dates & processes. We offer all of the features you’d expect from a cloud document storage service combined with powerful project management features – all in one universally accessible tool.



Capture the right information

  • Centralized Cloud File Storage for Universal Access
  • Know how many documents are required or missing
  • Manage critical dates and clauses

Simple, secure file sharing
Quickly and easily work securely with anyone - even if they’re outside your firewall.

Manage Dates
Automatically or Manually set remainders to review critical documents such as contracts, leases, status reports, etc… so that critical dates are not missed.

Robust content controls
Use rich permissions and reporting to get comprehensive control over every document in your business.

Smart Folders & Placeholders
Configure smart folders to display how many documents are required. When documents aren’t available, placeholders show you exactly what’s missing.

Subscribe to alerts and track status
Get update Alerts when critical documents are modified or edited. Track the status of documents to completion.


Define & enforce your process

  • Ensure documents are collected and processes are followed
  • Tasks assigned to individuals and due dates tracked
  • Create projects from templates

Combine Cloud Storage and Project Management
Process steps and document storage are usually done in two different systems. A spreadsheet or project management tool tracks process and documents get shoveled in to SharePoint or cloud storage. Luceris combines the best of cloud document storage applications and project management applications.

Project Module Feeds Workspace Module
Any documents loaded into the project module get stored in the workspace document repository for long term use.

Templates of project steps to insure compliance and consistency
Some people don’t know how or if they do know don’t bother to follow the process of collection and retention of documents. Outline the process with business specific phases/tasks that can be assigned and tracked.

Location & Company

Real estate focus

  • Automatically Link documents to properties, suites, tenants and vendors
  • Group and view all documents for locations and companies in one place
  • Actionable Information from configurable meta-data fields

Simplified Location View
Automatically link documents and projects to individual locations or regions and provide a consolidated view.

Template of Real Estate specific meta-data that provides actionable information.

Simplified Company View
Automatically link documents and projects to individual companies and provide a consolidated view.

Universal Search

Find everything, faster.

  • Search based on document content, classification and metadata-fields
  • Display all search results with associated classifications
  • Consolidate all types of data in one search

Fast easy searching on all the data
Find documents & task by location, company, classification, content, status, priority, title, meta-data fields, etc…

Powerful Three Level Classification
The classification structure lets you quickly find the right files from across the enterprise. Meta data fields you can create let you capture, tag and surface the context of the business documents stored in the system.

See everything on one page
System displays all of the available information on one page with subtotals for types of data files, locations, regions, etc.. and classification types, meta-data fields, etc…


Know where you stand and get actionable information

  • Clear and obvious indication when a document is missing or requires action
  • Automatically graph data to provide information on a wide variety of issues
  • Visibility available at every level of the Workspace hierarchy

Know when any files are missing
Dashboards at every level of the Workspace hierarchy. Clear and obvious indication if any document is missing in the entire document hierarchy.

Status on the entire process
Clear and obvious overall status of your Documents, Tasks, Projects and Workspaces

Visibility into the process
Automatically graph data to provide Actionable Information about a wide variety of issues and status of your business with clear concise graphics

Machine Learning

Centralize your enterprise data & gain insight

  • Automatic classification of leases, tenant screening documents, contracts, etc…
  • Automatic extraction of meta-data from loaded documents
  • Integrate Luceris into enterprise data and applications

Automatically classify files
Automatically classify files, down to three levels, based on the content of the file and files that have been previously loaded. Automatic classification provides standardization across the enterprise by utilizing machine learning algorithms to insure every file gets property classified.

Automatically populate meta-data
Automatically populate meta-data from the content of the file based on machine learning algorithms. For example, when loading a contract automatically populate contact information, total contract value, critical term, etc…


Utilize APIs and SDKs to integrate into enterprise
Utilize APIs to integrate into enterprise data sources such as property lists, user data, purchasing data, etc… . Utilize SDKs to integrate into enterprise applications such as work order systems, purchasing systems etc...

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